Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Story Girl Writes a Letter

I've only just returned recently from my second summer residency in my MFA program, and even though I'm studying poetry, "Story Girl" resonates. The ATC I made just prior to leaving and the mail art is the letter I wrote to a friend about residency upon my return.  Both use these wildly funky Gretchen Ehrsam backgrounds that with enough play on page can be mesmerizing.

For Story Girl, I inked up the Typewriter with Heart (kp5044) using StazOn Jet Black ink.  This I stamped onto a precut glossy cardstock piece just shy the size of an ATC.  I stamped an identical version onto a sticky note to serve as a mask.  Once I applied the mask to the card, I used about five different hues of Distress ink on Gretchen Ehrsam's background stamp, Umbrellas (ge2843).  The expression Story Girl (kp5059) was stamped out on a scrap glossy strip.  It was glued first to black cardstock and layered onto the card.  Once the Distress inks dried, I adhered the card to an ATC back, and added a bit of colorful acrylics and glitter glue to the edges.

And just for kicks - the mail art that began its flight to Paris yesterday...for this I used Mixed Border (mk592f) and Evening Starflower (db4785g).

Friday, August 15, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

August Supermoon on Paper

Well, crumb!  Missed a glimpse of the August Supermoon last night.  There's something about living in an Alaskan rainforest in that the chances of the sky view being obscured are, well, likely.    But that did not dampen our celebration of said Supermoon.  While it rained, Gloria, Rie and I designed little full moons on paper.  Below is the set I put together using stamps from Rubbermoon and 100 Proof Press.  And Rie tried her hand at painting a crescent moon and star in a night sky.