Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rubbermoon Post: A String of Suns

This was my Summer Solstice project, to create a string of suns (Rubbermoon:  Large Lady Sun Face/ge2475) to hang as a banner in my living room.   In fact, they turned out to be the brightest suns of the day as it was overcast and breezy outdoors.

I started this by coloring two glossy sheets of paper using Distress and Dylusion Inks - mostly oranges, yellows and a splash of purple, a bit of aqua and pink.  These sheets I glued to heavy cardstock. I had planned to run them through a die cutter, but the sun is just slightly larger than the circle dies I had in mind, so I ended up cutting each by hand after stamping.

Lots of sun love!

After trim, I set two eyelets at the top of each sun, through which to run their ribbon.

I added a gold bead between each sun and voila - a sun banner to hang in my living room!

Oh, happy summer! :)  

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