Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rubbermoon Post: All Things Magic

The Frog Prince Ralph returns to weave magic and mayhem, perhaps even call down this week's Valentine's Day full moon!

A well-loved image, a handful of paper scraps, German scrap, a bit of silvery Distress Stain and a scattering of stars is all takes to put this piece together.  On a black ATC back, I drew Distress Stain across the sky.  A bit of cloud fluff at night, maybe the northern lights?

The trees are cut from a die.  They had worked their way into paper scrap box after winter holidays.  Patterned paper forms a grassy hill on which Ralph conjures up the stars. 


kae pea said...

Your 'way' of putting stuff together is so clever and creative! I honestly never loved this image til now!!
GREAT color combo too!! Thank you for inspiring!!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

That is one charming frog, he is enchanted for sure. xox

J-Lin said...

Ralph has 100% chance of looking so very handsome in your creation. He is a really cool yellow prince.