Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rubbermoon Winter Shrine Project

Yes, I'm feeling the darkening of days.  We are down to about 7 hours of daylight in later November and still a month out from Winter Solstice.  This week even brought our first significant snowfall which has since melted with the rains and the winds that have returned.

So in response, a winter shrine.

The first step in this process is to paint a layer of Gesso on tin.  for this project, I popped the lid off from an Altoids tin and painted the base.

I rolled out my Polymer clay and using molds, fashioned tiny moon heads and wings.  These I spray painted and later added additional colors as needed.

Back to the Altoids tin, I added five layers of color using metallic acrylics:  blue, gold, red, green and violet.  It was my hope to achieve a northern lights effect. 

From there, the most creative piece comes into play:  design.  Directly to the back of the tin, I stamped Rubbermoon's Houses at Night (RM2827) and Paint Splatter.  To paper, I stamped New Moon.  I added a sprinkling of confetti stars to they sky for good measure, for what is moon without stars?

To the front and interior of tin, I added Rubbermoon's stamped image for Woman Crow on Boat (GE2772)
-->and stamped directly to tin Once in a Blue Moon.  Another handful of stars added here.  A layer of gel medium should be used for good measure, just to seal the work that has been done.

Shrine is then ready for bookshelf, gifting, or winter!  Grab a hot cup of tea and visit the Rubbermoon blog for all kinds of creative goodness.

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