Monday, May 28, 2012

4x4 Friday: Home

4x4 Friday:  Home

This week's 4x4 Friday challenge will be the last until late July.  Am off on a grand adventure without art supplies.


monica devine said...

Hey Altered Gypsy; hope I can ride along on your art journey; I've dedicated Fridays for my art day to make myself get to work; your work is inspiring me, dear fellow (part-time?) Alaskan.

WingingIt said...

i love this piece with all the colors and bits of this and are always a good inspiration! thank you!

Connie said...

Hi, I have this thing about blogs with the word gypsy in the title . . . deep down somewhere in my being, I know there is a drop of gypsy blood running through my veins. If you have that word in your title, I will visit. Usually I am disappointed . . . But Not Today!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG, and I am your newest follower. You have that Bohemian flare that makes it okay to be called a gypsy. I adore your creativity. Please come over and visit my blog . . . I haven't developed my gypsy flare, I'm hoping you will rub off on me, but I do blog about art, paper crafts, re-purposing, sewing, gardening, music . . . all the things that I love. Have a great day, and I hope to hear for you soon. Connie :)