Monday, May 28, 2012

4x4 Friday: Home

4x4 Friday:  Home

This week's 4x4 Friday challenge will be the last until late July.  Am off on a grand adventure without art supplies.

She Whispered to Me


TMTA:  Cup

Here's my first official hand-carved stamp effort.  A little rough around the edges, but cup imagery is an easy enough start to that whole world.  I had fun working on it! :)

La Tour Eiffel ATC

Nope, not going to Paris this summer, but Newfoundland.  This still has me thinking travel, though.


This has been a cold and dreary May, even by Southeast Alaskan standards!  There are a few tulips in bloom and it looks like the blue poppies are about to explode.  But weather aside, the most bloomin' thing I can see is my kindergartener!  She has just four more days of school left this year and as many field trips.  From planting vegetables at the Bishop's House, to beach exploration at Totem Park, we've got one happy, thriving kid! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Partial Eclipse, Anyone?

From this vantage point in Southeast Alaska, I kept one eye in the direction of where the sun would be today and watched its outline.  The only coverage I could catch is that of drifting cloud.  It is rainy and the wind has picked up a bit and it feels not like May 20th should, but more like March 20th did.  I took the stones that hang out on my windowsill and moved them to the porch for a hopeful bit of ecliptic charge.  Snapped a couple of bright photos to mark the occasion.

Wheel of the Year: Beltane

Here is my final installment of pages in the Altered Gypsy Wheel of the Year project!  Yay! :)  Will post a photo of the final assembly of pages/cover later in the summer when I return to Alaska.

Map #1

Linn has posted a Map challenge at Altered Gypsy.  It is on-going, it is informal, it is whatever kind of map you'd like to attempt.  Here's my first go at it, both front and back sides.  The only things that really drove my decisions in this were the batch of new Paula Best stamps that arrived last month and an old map of the Kootenays I'd picked up a few summers ago.  Canada is on the brain as we will soon pack up the tent and head out for Newfoundland and our next chapter of summer adventures.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunday Postcard Art: Childhood

Sunday Postcard Art:  Childhood

So Bruce has our Tahoe this weekend for a five-day jaunt to the Yukon.  It leaves Rie and I here on the island, still plugging away at finishing up our school year and hoping for a fast arrival of summer.  It also leaves us doing a lot of walking - which is great!  On our walk home Thursday, Rie found a raven - he had taken his last flight and was off for a spiritual walk in the woods.  For my little 6-year-old, this brought tears.  It continued to be the topic of conversation the last three miles of our walk that day.  So this postcard is for Rie - a little girl, a raven, and all sorts of colors we see in life through the eyes of a child.  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mapping Challenge

Linn is hosting a Mapping Challenge on the Altered Gypsy forum.  I haven't yet photographed the second side of the page, but will do that later this week. 

Matchbox Poe

Matchbox Art

4x4 Friday: Steampunk Life

4x4 Friday:  Steampunk Life