Saturday, September 3, 2011

Create Journal Page

30 Days of Get Your Art On:  The holiday weekend is giving me a chunk of time and inspiration to work again in the art journal that resides on my bookshelf.  I don't often work in yellow, but today's heavy rain inspired it.  The Zetti stamps helped as well.  The strips of bead images came from a flyer that was included in my recent order from Shipwreck Beads.  You can imagine the joy that comes with opening a box of funky brass bells in all shapes, sizes and sounds.  Another reason for yellow?  I also consider this my "back to school" journal addition.  Rie started kindergarten this week; Bruce has been teaching in his new position across the bridge at Mt. Edgecumbe High School; and I am starting another year at Sitka High.  The Zetti characters here remind me of my new classes of students - all characters themselves filled with ideas, words, personalities and pure charisma.  I hope it will be a most excellent school year.

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