Sunday, May 15, 2011

Altered Journal: I Was...

Came across some words of beauty this weekend from a 6th-century poet, seer and magician, Taliesin and decided to commit them to my art journal.  Here's the actual poem:

I was in many shapes before I was released;
I was a slender enchanted sword - I believe that it was done.
I was rain-drops in the air, I was stars' beam;
I was a word in letters, I was a book in origin;
I was lanterns of light for a year and a half;
I was a bridge that stretched over sixty estuaries;
I was a path, I was an eagle, I was a coracle in seas;
I was a bubble in beer, I was a drop in a shower;
I was sword in hand, I was a shield in battle;
I was a string in a harp enchanted nine years, in the water as foam;
I was a spark in fire, I was wood in bonfire;
I am not one who does not sing; I have sung since I was small.

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